[ENGLISH] YOURS TRULY : is this what i look like?

This Friday 15th July YOURS TRULY will release their new EP is this what i look like? via UNFD Records.

This new EP opens with the single Walk Over My Grave! After a very Pop-Punk oriented first album, the band explores here new musical perspectives with a very Rock composition full of energy with this final chorus that includes…a breakdown? At least, that’s the impression it leaves me. And when it comes to Breakdown, what could be better than a featuring with Stray From The Path’s singer Drew York on the track Bruises. Even if the vocalist moves away from the hardcore sound he offers with his band for a very melodic track where Mikaila Delgado’s voice takes all its amplitude to give a very particular emotion to this composition and on which the singer’s voice could also surprise the fans of his band.

Careless Kind is the most recent single to be unveiled and from the start (or so I thought) the intro reminded me directly of Stand Atlantic’s Lost My Cool but fortunately the resemblance stops at those few notes. Unfortunately, this song loses a bit of the energy proposed at the beginning which falls a bit like a soufflé. The chorus tries to restore the image but doesn’t really succeed, a little disappointment but it’s necessary! is this what i look like? is the interlude that gives its name to this EP and allows to introduce Hallucinate in duet with Josh Franceschi from the band You Me At Six, this track gives back the energy that the previous single lacked and the singer’s voice brings a new breath especially when it joins Mikaila‘s one on the chorus, two very successful collaborations for this EP! The last track is the single Lights On which is more Electro-Rock and on which we can hear the singer take the title of this new opus in the lyrics, this is this what i look like? also serves as the final lyrics of the EP. Like all of itwill‘s tracks, it has a strong lyrical content, as the singer found herself alone and isolated from the rest of the band due to the health situation, she explained: « My whole adult life has been about ‘YOURS TRULY’. When that was taken away, I was not well. Not being able to play was depressing, » which is reflected in her more raw and brutal writing.

is this what i look like? is a very ambitious EP on which YOURS TRULY explores new musical horizons that will either delight fans or lose them along the way, but in any case here I am rather convinced by these changes and it promises great things on stage!

Tracklist :

Walk Over My Grave

Bruises feat. DR€W ¥ORK

Careless Kind

is this what i look like?

Hallucinate feat. Josh Franceschi

If You’re Drowning (I’ll Learn How To Hold My Breath)

Lights On

Mary Motionless
Mary Motionless
25 Forever. Nergal est ma Tata, j'aime vadrouiller pour les concerts et voir les copains partout et me faire tatouer à fond!

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